Image of Earth Analog Records Rescue Package

Earth Analog Records Rescue Package

by Dibiase

$25.00 / Coming Soon

Short version: it would be really helpful to me if you considered purchasing this discounted package featuring Dibiase's first album on CD (2011) and second album on beautiful 180g vinyl (2015). Also included is the 2011 CD release from my buddies in New Ruins (recorded by Brian Deck. He's famous. Google that shit.) All recorded at Earth Analog on my dime and manufactured with my nickels because i just wanted to help some cool artists and kind folks at the time. You would be doing me the hugest and most helpful favor by purchasing, helping me recoup some of the debt at a time when there is significant need as the studio recovers from being closed for a year due to Covid-19. Thank you, as always! (Ships via USPS Priority.)